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Retaining Wall

Mechanically Stabilized Earth

Mojave Earth Solutions is a leader in the soil reinforcement engineering industry. Mojave Earth Solutions services the greater southwestern region of the United States. Typical applications for mechanically stabilized earth technology include: roads and highways, railways, mining, residential and commercial developments. Our staff of Professional Engineers, Technicians and Operationally-Qualified Constructors provide our clients with onsite consultation, mechanically stabilized earth conceptual design studies, material quantity takeoffs, estimates, final design solution, and construction installation. Whether your planning study specifies a geosynthetic-reinforced slope or a mechanically-stabilized earthen retaining wall system, the Mojave Earth Solutions design-build team will guarantee that the finished product meets the highest of industry standards.

Arizona Contractor's License #310054
California Contractor's License #863904
New Mexico Contractor's License #390413
Nevada Contractor's License #0083504

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